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Ortam & Winter

Amber Glass Trigger Spray Bottle

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Refillable Amber Glass spray bottle with black trigger available in sizes - easy cleaning and waterproof

1 litre

Finished with a white minimalist personalised label and a black trigger spray.

Variations of labels:
Linen Spray
Glass Cleaner
Kitchen Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner

Measurements -

500ml Height 20cm x Width 7.5cm
1000ml Height 24cm x Width 10cm

The labels are waterproof so the bottles can be washed, but not put through the dishwasher.

Amber glass protects products from UV light.

Please note, as bottles are made from recycled glass, imperfections may exist due to the manufacturing process. As bottles are made from recycled glass, this will means colour discrepancies can exist between bottles so please be aware no two bottles will be perfectly identical in colour.

(The price shown is per bottle.)